Go Curly USB Charged Automatic Hair Curler


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Product Description:
Introducing this; Go Curly USB Charged Automatic Hair Curler. So easy to get the beachy waves without going to the beach.

First; wash and dry your hair and divide it into two parts. Now take a little section of hair at a time; insert it into the curler and as you press the On button; the curler will automatically rotate and curl your hair. Hold it for a few seconds and release. Voila! You get instant softer; more consistent curls; no tangles either whether your hair is coarse or fine. You also get instant shine like you do when you get hair done professionally at a salon. Save time; money; and energy; and get wonderful beachy waves at home.

Go Curly and enjoy a good hair day every time.

Product Specs:
* The barrel rotates to 360 degrees for easy curls.
* No tangles; no burns.
* Charges with a USB; the heating time is approx. 3 minutes.
* The temperature in Fahrenheit to Centigrade
* Auto shut off feature for added safety.
* This great tool comes in various colors.
* Great to have and to gift.
* Target Clientele: unisex.