Jade Black Glueless Mullet


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Brand new 100% human hair with a side part. This gorgeous glue-less mullet is made to set your style off to a creative and innovating start with everyday usage. Get your mullet now and have heads turning!

Now... Let's get into Jade's specs and care instructions
We know that she's 100% human, yay!
* Length: Layered at approx 14" for final length
* Density: Roughly 135%
* Lifespan: Over one year with proper care
* Hair Color: Natural Color, Black
* Hairline: Pre-plucked
* Lace area: No lace
* Straps: Adjustable
* Can She Be Dyed: Absolutely

Care Instructions:
How To Wash Your Wig
Washing your curly wig regularly helps keep it looking as fresh and natural as possible.
To achieve this:
Fill a sink with water( warm water would be better).
Add a small amount of shampoo with hair care ingredients, and submerge your wig.
Squeeze out any excess water, being careful not to wring it out.
Rinse thoroughly in water, then gently squeeze out any excess liquid again and dry with a towel.
Alternatively when you don’t have time for a full wash, spray your human hair wig with water mixed with conditioner. Just like in real hair, a little bit of moisture will help curls bounce back and appear fresh. This will make your curls mimic what naturally healthy curls look like after they’ve been
dampened with some water.

How to Do A Deep Conditioning Treatment
Static, wearing wig in a wrong method, store wig in a wrong place. It’s not strange that wigs will get tangled.

To keep tangles from being a huge problem:
Try doing a deep conditioning treatment on your wig before and after wearing it. You can do so by lightly using products like coconut oil or olive oil and conditioner (too much of anything is never good!). Don't put too much product (hair spray, moose) in your hair because that can lead to more tangling than usual. At least once per week, soak your wig in warm water. Take it out and apply conditioner product liberally through all of your hair, starting at your ends and working up toward roots. Sit back and allow your wig to absorb the nutrition for about 20 minutes.
After the time is up, rinse with warm water and follow up with a cool water rinse to close cuticles.
Use a soft towel to gently pat excess water away from the skin, leaving only what washes off naturally during the toweling off process. Do not comb your hair unit, gently brush with a wig brush starting from the ends and working your way up. Always store your hair unit in a cool safe place, typically in a hat box (dry units only) or a mannequin.